Larnaca Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Short Description of the Project

The Project concerns the preparation of the study for the development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for Larnaca. The Project Contract was awarded to the consortium of companies: Mobilityinchain srl (Italy), Redas engineering S.r.L.(Italy) and TeMA-TERRITORIO, MOBILITA E AMBIENTE S.R.L. (Italy).

The Contract was signed on June 7, 2018, with a Project start date of July 2, 2018 and a completion date of September 24, 2020.

The study covers the wider urban area of Larnaca, which includes the four Municipalities and five peri-urban Communities.

The SUMP proposes a vision for mobility in the Greater Larnaca Area that extends over the next 10 years. The measures of the Larnaca SUMP were organized into 10 thematic groups including:

  • Traffic management plans for urban centers in the study area.
  • Review of public transport provision.
  • Pedestrian measures and initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of public space.
  • Upgrade of bicycle infrastructure, services and facilities.
  • Parking management and related policies.
  • Soft traffic and traffic safety program.
  • Policies that meet the needs of specific groups.
  • Intelligent transportation systems and smart mobility systems.
  • Urban freight transport.
  • Coordinated and strategic planning of land use and civil transport.

For more information see below the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan in summary:

Study area: