Introduce Telematics Systems to bus Public Transportation


Cohesion Fund


Competitiveness and Sustainable Development


Promotion of Sustainable Transport and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction.


Promote low-carbon strategies for all types of areas, especially urban areas, including the promotion of sustainable multimodal urban mobility and mitigation adaptation measures.


Improvement of mobility mainly in the Nicosia urban area.

Total Public Expenditure:

€ 7.768.355,25

Short Description of the Project

The Project includes:

1) Design and implementation of the central systems (Primary, Disaster Recovery & data backup center). It covers the complete technical and functional description of the system, including the Physical Architecture of the system and all subsystems
2) Design and implementation of control centers in the 7 bus companies and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
3)Design and implementation of bus facilities in 7 fleets
4) The transition of companies and their operations through the system
5) Informing the public and promoting the system to end-users
6) The promotion of the Project and Public Transport in Cyprus under a brand name MOTION which will also be integrated into the infrastructure (bus stops, shelters, stations)

The Automated bus fare collection system with the use of smart cards will help to better serve the public, since the customer will be able to obtain a smart card from various points of sale, in addition to the current points at stations and on buses. The customer will be able to reuse the plastic smart card in flexible ways, since he/she will have the possibility to buy/load his/her card even online, and to electronically manage different types of tickets (one-way/multi-way/weekly/monthly etc. ), enjoying possible discounts at the same time.

The fleet management system aims at detailed planning and monitoring of service execution. The system will be a powerful tool for bus companies, but also the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works itself, to improve the quality and coordination of the service. Information relating to the service being performed and the exact location of the bus will be collected in real time.