Make the Makarios III and Kallipoleos Avenues one-way streets


Cohesion Fund


Promotion of Sustainable Transport and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction.


Promote low-carbon strategies for all types of areas, especially urban areas, including the promotion of sustainable multimodal urban mobility and mitigation adaptation measures.


Improvement of mobility mainly in the Nicosia urban area.

Short Description of the Project

VI.1 Kallipoleos Avenue Redevelopment


Total Public Expenditure: €3.865.120

Project Brief Description: The Project concerns the regeneration of Kallipoleos Avenue, Evgenias and Antoniou Theodotou Streets and part of Ypatias Street in Nicosia. The reconstruction of the street concerns the one-way street of Kallipoleos Avenue and Evgenias and Antoniou Theodotou Streets in a direction from north to south. The road will have two 3m wide lanes each with 2m wide or wider sidewalks on either side. The length of the main road is 1755m and the secondary road 980m. The Project includes the construction of a roundabout, parallel parking areas, tree basins. Utilities are underground according to plans. A rainwater drainage system is created. The existing sewage system is protected. In a part of the road, the sewage system is being replaced. It also remains part of the CYTA core network. New traffic lights, new vertical and horizontal markings and a new irrigation system are being installed.

The start date of the Project for Phase A – Redevelopment of Kallipoleos Avenue is January 16, 2018 and the completion and delivery to traffic is June 17, 2020.


VI.2 Redevelopment of Makariou Avenue, Griva Digeni Avenue, National Guard Street and Intermediate Roads


Total Public Expenditure: €2.765.120

Project Brief Description: The Project concerns the one-way construction of a significant section of Arch. Makariou Avenue 3 (from the junction with Kallipoleos Avenue to Digeni Akrita Avenue) from south to north and the creation of bus lanes on Arch. Makariou Avenue 3. In addition, the overall Project foresees the reconstruction and upgrading of National Guard Street and the implementation of traffic reduction measures in the intermediate area as well as renovations on Digeni Akrita Avenue. Due to the one-way traffic, renovations on Digeni Akrita Avenue are deemed necessary as additional traffic volume is expected to be diverted to this particular road section.

The Project on Arch Makariou Avenue 3 includes two one-way general traffic lanes from south to north and two two-way bus lanes. The bus lane on the right side will be in the opposite direction (contra flow). Bicycles and emergency vehicles (ambulances and fire engines) will be allowed in the bus lanes. On Ethnikis Frouras Street, the Project includes a general reconstruction with two traffic lanes (one in each direction), sidewalks, a bicycle path, pedestrian crossings and mock parking spaces. On Digeni Akrita Avenue (from the junction with Arch. Makariou Avenue 3 to Kallipoleos Avenue), the redevelopment provides for a built island, pedestrian crossings and mock parking spaces.


The aim of the Project is, on the one hand, to provide routes for the exclusive use of public transport and bicycles, and on the other hand, to facilitate traffic through the simplification of movements at junctions and the improvement of road safety mainly due to the reduction of traffic jams, both at junctions , as well as in simple contributions. The construction of Phase B – Makariou & National Guard, started on September 14, 2020, while the construction duration is 12 months.


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